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Royex Technologies

Royex Technologies is a dynamic and innovative development company in Dubai, UAE, specializing in eCommerce, mobile app, and Metaverse solutions. Established in 2013, Royex has a proven track record, having successfully delivered over 500 projects across Dubai, UAE, and other Middle East countries. Their expertise is backed by a diverse and skilled team, driving the company's growth and reputation in the tech industry.

With a global footprint that includes offices in Dubai, Qatar, India, and Bangladesh, Royex Technologies is a hub of technological excellence, employing over 50 professionals. Their approach is client-centric, offering face-to-face meetings engagement, efficient online support which is complemented by two years of free support for any bugs or errors. Royex's commitment to delivering great service at competitive prices makes it a go-to partner for businesses looking to leverage the latest digital solutions​​.


The Inspiration Behind Fleeto

The development of Fleeto, an intelligent fleet management solution, stems from Royex Technologies' commitment to addressing the evolving needs of businesses operating diverse fleets. Recognizing the growing complexities and challenges faced by businesses managing fleets, Royex Technologies identified a significant gap in the market for advanced, comprehensive fleet management solutions. The demand for intelligent tools to optimize operations, enhance safety, and provide real-time insights became increasingly evident. Royex Technologies strategically partnered with industry leaders, including TomTom for mapping services and Teltonika for GPS hardware, to integrate cutting-edge technologies into Fleeto. These collaborations amplify Fleeto's capabilities, offering users access to top-tier mapping, real-time vehicle data, and robust hardware solutions.

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