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Fleeto's Advanced Fleet Management Modules

With Fleeto's comprehensive suite of modules, businesses gain unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing them to tailor their fleet management system to their specific needs. This consolidation of features streamlines operations, reducing the complexity of managing multiple systems while improving overall efficiency.

Door Lock Monitor Door Lock Monitor

Door Lock Monitor

The Door Lock Monitor module comes equipped with advanced sensors and monitoring capabilities, it ensures the security of your vehicles by detecting and reporting any unauthorized attempts to breach vehicle door locks. This module offers real-time notifications, allowing you to stay informed about the status of your doors remotely. 

Temperature & Humidity Monitor Temperature & Humidity Monitor

Temperature & Humidity Monitor

The Temperature and Humidity Monitor module is designed to provide accurate and continuous monitoring of environmental conditions within a specified area. It combines sensors for temperature and humidity measurement, offering real-time data insights to ensure optimal comfort, safety, and preservation of assets.  

Fuel Level Monitoring

The Fuel Level Monitoring module is designed to provide accurate and real-time monitoring of fuel levels within vehicles, machinery, or storage tanks. By integrating advanced sensors and telemetry systems, this module offers comprehensive insights into fuel usage, consumption rates, and remaining fuel levels.

Engine Diagnostics Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics

The Engine Diagnostics module is  designed to monitor and analyze the performance of internal combustion engines. It utilizes advanced sensors and onboard diagnostics to continuously assess various parameters such as engine temperature, RPM, fuel efficiency, emissions, and overall health.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

The Tire Pressure Monitor module is an essential component of vehicle safety systems, designed to continuously monitor the air pressure in each tire. Equipped with pressure sensors mounted on each tire, this module provides real-time feedback on tire pressure levels, ensuring optimal inflation and safe driving conditions.

Weight Monitor

Knowing the loaded weight of many different kinds of vehicles is essential for safe operation, maximizing payload, and avoiding overloading fines. You will be able to track weight based on truck suspension adjustments with a corresponding sensor by vehicle suspension type mechanism by using our load weight monitoring module.

Battery Health Monitor

The Battery Health Monitor module is a critical component for assessing and managing the health and performance of batteries, whether in vehicles, electronic devices, or renewable energy systems. This module employs advanced diagnostics and monitoring techniques to track key parameters related to battery conditions.

Movement Detection Monitor

The Movement Detection Monitor module is an advanced system designed to detect and analyze movement within a specified area or environment. Equipped with motion sensors, cameras, or other detection technologies, this module provides real-time monitoring and alerts for any detected movement or activity.

Occupancy Monitor

The Occupancy Monitor module is a specialized system designed to monitor and analyze seat occupancy within buses, school buses, or other vehicles transporting passengers. This module utilizes advanced image processing and computer vision technologies to capture snapshots of the interior of the vehicle and detect the occupancy status of each seat in real-time.

Asset Tracking

The Asset Tracking Module is tailored for tracked delivery items is a specialized system designed to monitor and manage the location, status, and movement of parcels, packages, or goods throughout the delivery process. This module offers real-time visibility and tracking capabilities to ensure efficient and secure delivery operations.

Cam Monitor

The In-Vehicle Camera Monitoring module is a specialized module designed to enhance safety, security, and operational efficiency within vehicles, such as cars, trucks, buses, or fleet vehicles. This system integrates one or multiple cameras strategically placed within the vehicle to monitor the interior, exterior, or surrounding environment in real-time

Robotic Eye

The Robotic Eye is an advanced AI module integrated into Fleeto's system, designed to provide intelligent suggestions and insights based on vehicle statistics, user queries, and real-time data analysis. Leveraging machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, this module offers valuable recommendations to optimize fleet management,

Command Center

The Command Center is a central hub in Fleeto's admin panel, providing fleet managers and administrators with remote control capabilities over the fleet's tracking devices and vehicles. This module enables seamless management and customization of various parameters and settings without the need for physical access to the vehicles or devices.

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