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TomTom - Mapping & Location Technology

TomTom has established itself as a pioneer in the realm of navigation technology. The company’s journey began with creating one of the fastest-selling consumer technology products in history, revolutionizing the way people navigate during road trips and life's important moments. TomTom's legacy in personal navigation is deeply rooted in its innovative approach to technology and the way it personalizes the mapping experience for its users.

Today, TomTom is pushing boundaries by aiming to map the world in real-time, democratizing data, and collaborating with leading entities like Amazon Web Services, Meta, and Microsoft. This ambitious project, under the Overture Maps Foundation™, seeks to create interoperable map data that is fresher, more detailed, and more accurate, making TomTom a game-changer in global mapping and navigation solutions​​.


Global leader in Location Technology

Established in 1991 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, TomTom has emerged as a driving force in the navigation and mapping industry. The partnership between TomTom, a global leader in location technology, and Uber, a pioneering force in the ride-hailing industry, represents a synergy of innovation aimed at enhancing the overall ride experience for millions of users worldwide. They're also the default mapping provider for industry leaders like BMW Motorrad, Sygic, Renault, Huawei, Volkswagen, Mazda, Toyota, Peugeot, and more. Similarly, in its commitment to delivering unparalleled fleet intelligence, Fleeto strategically integrates TomTom's advanced mapping solutions into its platform. By leveraging the same mapping technology trusted by industry leaders like Uber, Fleeto ensures that its users benefit from reliable, accurate, and up-to-date location data.

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