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Stay on Track, Stay Ahead with Fleeto's Vehicle Tracking

Fleeto’s vehicle tracking system is the perfect solution for businesses that want complete control over their fleet operations. Our vehicle tracking system comes with an array of features that allows you to track all your fleet in real time and ensure the optimized route is always chosen, ensuring security and efficiency of your fleet.

Leading GPS Vehicle Tracking System in UAE

Leading GPS Vehicle Tracking System in UAE

Fleeto’s GPS vehicle tracking system is a step above the regular vehicle tracking systems in multiple ways. Our system is designed to cater to the diverse needs of various industries and businesses. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of features, Fleeto will ensure your fleet operations will run smoothly and efficiently at all times. Our low latency and real time tracking along with advanced analytics will help you make informed decisions about your fleet operations. This is made possible through our partnership with Teltonika, the leading telematics and GPS tracking device provider globally. Coupled with our innovative system, managing your fleet has never been easier. Experience the difference that Fleeto's GPS Vehicle Tracking System can make for your business. Stay ahead of the curve and maximize your fleet's potential with Fleeto as your trusted partner in fleet management.

Low Latency Real Time Tracking

Low Latency Real Time Tracking

What makes Fleeto stand out from other vehicle tracking systems is its super low latency in vehicle tracking. Other systems have a slight delay in providing the real time location but with Fleeto, you are in complete control to quickly respond to any unexpected incidents regarding your vehicle with near real time tracking. Our system utilized advanced GPS technology in the Teltonika tracking devices to provide accurate and reliable data with very minimal delay. With such low latency tracking, businesses can improve their fleet operations drastically. For example, businesses can provide accurate and up-to-date information to customers regarding the status and estimated arrival time of their deliveries or services.

Features of Vehicle Tracking System

Real time location tracking

Know the exact location of your vehicle at all times with Fleeto’s real time GPS vehicle tracking.


Set up virtual boundaries using 4 different geofencing modes and receive instant alerts when your vehicle enters/exits these boundaries.

Route History

Get a complete historical insight of your vehicle’s whereabouts with complete trip history along with stop and run indicators.

Driver behavior analysis

With Fleeto, you can monitor and analyze various driver behavior metrics in real time, such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration, idle time, etc.

Fuel monitoring

Keep a close eye on fuel levels and consumption patterns with Fleeto's fuel monitoring feature, providing real-time updates on fuel usage and refills.

Customizable Reports and Analytics

Get comprehensive reports on various metrics that include vehicle performance, utilization, fuel consumption, driver performance, and much more.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency With Fleeto’s Vehicle Tracking

With the real-time monitoring capabilities provided by Fleeto's vehicle tracking system, enterprises may attain previously unheard-of levels of operational efficiency. Fleet managers may optimize workflows and cut down on idle time by making well-informed decisions regarding scheduling, routing, and resource allocation when they have immediate access to the exact position of their cars. Fleeto uses low latency tracking technology to make sure businesses can avoid delays, increase efficiency throughout their operations, and react quickly to changing conditions. Businesses can remain ahead of the curve and keep a competitive edge in the fast-paced commercial world of today with Fleeto's real-time monitoring.

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