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How Can Fleeto's Tracking Devices Help Locate Missing Truck Trailers?

With Fleeto you have multiple tracking devices on each of your trailers to create a layered defense. This redundancy means that even if one device breaks down or gets disabled somehow, the other devices keep on tracking so you always know right where your trailer is. With multiple devices working together, you never have to worry about losing sight of your valuable trailers.

Monday, 13 May 2024 Share

Are you tired of the anxiety that comes with lost or stolen truck trailers? Perhaps you've experienced the anxiety of not knowing where your valuable cargo is or struggled to find a stolen trailer. In today's time, where many industries rely heavily on logistics and transportation, tracking and recovering lost trailers effectively is essential. But how can current technology help overcome this problem?

At Fleeto, we keep a close eye on truck fleets all over the world. We know that feeling of panic when you can't find one of your trailers. Maybe it got stolen by crooks. Maybe it just got misplaced somewhere. Or maybe something else unexpected happened. Whatever the reason, a missing trailer is a huge problem. It costs you a lot of money and messes up your whole operation. Recognizing the gravity of this issue, we offer a powerful solution: Fleeto's Multi-Layered Tracking System.

Most trailer tracking systems just use a single device to monitor each trailer's location. But at Fleeto, we don't put all our eggs in one basket like that. Instead, we put multiple tracking devices on each of your trailers to create a layered defense. This redundancy means that even if one device breaks down or gets disabled somehow, the other devices keep on tracking so you always know right where your trailer is. With multiple devices working together, you never have to worry about losing sight of your valuable trailers.

Here's how our layered approach works:

One of the key features of our tracking devices is their versatility. We offer multiple device options, each tailored to meet specific needs and preferences. From primary to secondary devices, our comprehensive range ensures that fleet managers have access to the right tools for effective tracking and recovery.

Primary Tracking Devices


Our primary tracking devices are  specially designed to constantly update you on where your trailer is right now, giving you real-time updates. This means fleet managers can see exactly where their trailers are at any moment, down to the exact spot. But how does this work? These devices use GPS technology for precise tracking of the trailer's position. If a trailer gets lost or is found in the wrong, these tracking devices can alert you about its location instantly. You can then quickly take action without any delay due to this prompt live information. Having such correct and swift location data helps fleet managers tackle problems immediately, such as a stolen trailer or one that's off route. They can deal with situations directly and fast, safeguarding not just the trailers but also their important cargo. The constant monitoring by our main tracking devices provides managers with supreme insight into their fleet's actions.

Secondary Tracking Devices


In addition to the main tracking devices installed in vehicles, we also provide supplementary or backup tracking devices that serve as a second line of defense. These secondary devices are like extra safety nets in case something happens to the primary tracking device, such as it malfunctioning, getting damaged, or someone trying to tamper with or disable it. Having these secondary backup trackers gives an added level of security and reliability. Even if the main tracker stops working for whatever reason, the secondary device kicks in and takes over, ensuring the vehicle's location can still be monitored without any gaps or interruptions. This redundancy provides fleet managers with extra assurance and peace of mind knowing that even in worst-case scenarios, they will still be able to keep tabs on where their vehicles are at all times. The secondary trackers act like backup bodyguards protecting the ability to continuously track vehicles, almost like having an extra set of eyes on the road. Their role is to maintain unbroken tracking capabilities no matter what, giving managers one less thing to worry about.

Additional Tracking Devices


For extremely high-risk situations where a criminal might try to block or interfere with GPS signals to avoid being tracked, we also offer an optional third layer of protection. These special devices use alternative positioning systems or ground-based location networks instead of satellites to determine where the trailer is. This means they can continue tracking even if the line-of-sight to GPS satellites gets obstructed or blocked, like if the trailer enters a tunnel or is taken indoors. For fleet managers hauling extremely high-value or sensitive cargo, they can choose to add this layer of security on top of the primary and secondary devices. The trackers can be discreetly hidden within the trailer itself, providing an unseen, covert way to monitor the trailer's movements and location. So even if the primary tracker on the exterior gets disabled or the secondary backup fails, this third stealth option keeps silently doing its job out-of-sight. It acts like a secret underground operative, keeping tabs undercover as an absolute last resort when all other tracking methods have been circumvented. With these protectors, you get supreme peace of mind for your most precious loads.

The beauty of this multi-layered approach is its ability to adapt to different situations. If a trailer experiences a power outage, the secondary device takes over. If someone attempts to tamper with the primary device, the others continue to provide a trail. This redundancy gives you unmatched confidence in knowing where your trailers are, at all times.

But Fleeto's tracking prowess goes beyond just location.  Our system provides valuable data that can aid in your search efforts:

  • Real-time Tracking: First, we offer real-time live tracking that allows you to monitor the movement of your trailers moment-by-moment as it happens. With this continuous feed of a trailer's positioning, you can immediately detect if something seems out of the ordinary or unauthorized happens - like a sudden detour or unplanned stop. This enables you to promptly respond and investigate the situation right as it unfolds.

  • Geofencing Alerts: Additionally, our geofencing technology lets you establish virtual boundaries around designated areas or routes your trailers should stay within. If a trailer then strays outside of these pre-set geofenced zones, you'll receive an automatic alert notifying you. This could potentially indicate the trailer has been rerouted without authorization or stolen, allowing you to take quick action.

  • Historical Tracking Data: Finally, our system maintains detailed historical records of everywhere your trailers have traveled over time. You can analyze these past route logs to identify any potential trouble spots, high-risk areas, or deviations from the planned course that seemed suspicious in hindsight. Having this historical tracking data can prove absolutely crucial when a trailer does go missing - it allows you to backtrack activities and narrow down the search area based on where and when the trailer likely went off-course.


With these powerful capabilities like live tracking, geofencing, and history logs, Fleeto ensures you always have total visibility and oversight into your fleet's activities and movements. This data becomes invaluable in expediting your response if a trailer disappears.

In conclusion, Fleeto's vehicle tracking system is an indispensable tool in the fight against missing truck trailers. By leveraging advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, we empower fleet managers to safeguard their assets and maintain operational continuity. With our comprehensive range of device options and unwavering support, we stand as a trusted partner in the quest for enhanced security and efficiency in the transportation industry.

So, if you're tired of sleepless nights spent wondering about the whereabouts of your trailers, let Fleeto be your partner in peace of mind. With multi-layered tracking devices and intelligent data analysis, you'll never be left in the dark again.

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