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How Can Fleeto's Multi-Tracking Devices Help Locate Missing Electric Bikes?

Fleeto's multi-tracking devices offer a comprehensive solution to the growing problem of e-bike theft. By combining GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and RF tracking, Fleeto ensures that e-bike owners have multiple ways to locate their missing bikes. This multi-layered approach not only increases the chances of recovery but also provides peace of mind and potential insurance benefits.

Thursday, 30 May 2024 Share

For electric bike owners, few things are more frustrating than having your prized possession stolen or misplaced. E-bikes can cost thousands of dollars and represent a major investment. That's why it's essential to take proactive steps to protect your bike and have a reliable way to track it down if it does go missing.

Electric bikes are revolutionizing urban mobility, providing an eco-friendly and efficient mode of transportation. However, the rising popularity of e-bikes has also led to an increase in thefts. This growing concern calls for robust tracking solutions to safeguard these valuable assets. Fleeto's multi-tracking devices offer an innovative approach to locating missing electric bikes, utilizing a combination of primary, secondary, and additional tracking options for enhanced security. This article delves into how Fleeto's technology works and its benefits for e-bike owners.

Understanding Fleeto's Multi-Tracking System


Fleeto’s tracking system is designed to provide multiple layers of security, ensuring that if one method fails, others can still function effectively. The system includes:

  • Primary Tracking Devices

  • Secondary Tracking Devices

  • Additional Tracking Options


Fleeto utilizes GPS technology and real-time data analytics. Vehicles equipped with the Fleeto system transmit data through the cellular network to our Cloud Server. The data is then monitored and analyzed, providing insights to help businesses make informed decisions regarding their fleet.

Here's how our layered approach works:

Our tracking devices are highly versatile, offering multiple options to suit different needs. We have main devices and backup devices for effective tracking and finding vehicles.

  • Primary Tracking Devices: These devices provide real-time updates on your e-bikes location using GPS technology. Fleet managers can see exactly where their e-scooters are at any moment. If a trailer gets lost or is in the wrong place, these devices send an instant alert, allowing quick action. This accurate, immediate data helps managers handle issues like theft or route deviations quickly. Constant monitoring provides deep insight into the fleet's activities.


  • Secondary Tracking Devices: We also offer backup tracking devices that serve as a second line of defense. If the primary device fails or is tampered with, the secondary device takes over, ensuring continuous location monitoring. This redundancy gives fleet managers extra security and peace of mind, knowing they can always track their vehicles.


  • Additional Tracking Devices: For high-risk situations where GPS signals might be blocked, we offer additional tracking devices. These use alternative positioning systems or ground-based networks, allowing tracking even when GPS is obstructed. These devices can be hidden within the trailer for discreet monitoring. If other trackers fail, the tertiary device keeps tracking, providing the highest level of security.


This multi-layered approach adapts to different scenarios. If the primary device fails, the secondary one takes over. If someone tampers with the primary, the others continue to provide location data. This redundancy ensures you always know where your e-bikes are.

But Fleeto's tracking prowess goes beyond just location.  Our system provides valuable data that can aid in your search efforts:

  • Real-time Tracking: First, we offer real-time live tracking that allows you to monitor the movement of your e-scooters moment-by-moment as it happens. With this continuous feed of e-bikes positioning, you can immediately detect if something seems out of the ordinary or unauthorized happens - like a sudden detour or unplanned stop. This enables you to promptly respond and investigate the situation right as it unfolds.

  • Geofencing Alerts: Additionally, our geofencing technology lets you establish virtual boundaries around designated areas or routes your trailers should stay within. If a e-bike then strays outside of these pre-set geofenced zones, you'll receive an automatic alert notifying you. This could potentially indicate the e-scooter has been rerouted without authorization or stolen, allowing you to take quick action.

  • Historical Tracking Data: Finally, our system maintains detailed historical records of everywhere your e-bikes have traveled over time. You can analyze these past route logs to identify any potential trouble spots, high-risk areas, or deviations from the planned course that seemed suspicious in hindsight. Having this historical tracking data can prove absolutely crucial when a e-bike does go missing - it allows you to backtrack activities and narrow down the search area based on where and when the e-bike likely went off-course.


With these powerful capabilities like live tracking, geofencing, and history logs, Fleeto ensures you always have total visibility and oversight into your fleet's activities and movements. This data becomes invaluable in expediting your response if a trailer disappears.

How Fleeto’s Multi-Tracking Devices Enhance Security


  • Real-time Monitoring and Alerts: Fleeto’s system offers real-time monitoring and customizable alerts. Users can set geofences, receive movement notifications, and get instant alerts if the bike is tampered with or moved unexpectedly. This immediate feedback allows for swift action in case of theft.
  • Data Integration and User Interface: The integration of data from multiple tracking sources is seamless, providing a consolidated view of the bike’s location. Fleeto’s user-friendly interface ensures that all this information is easily accessible, whether through a smartphone app or a web dashboard.



Fleeto's multi-vehicle tracking device offer a comprehensive solution to the growing problem of e-bike theft. By combining GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and RF tracking, Fleeto ensures that e-bike owners have multiple ways to locate their missing bikes. This multi-layered approach not only increases the chances of recovery but also provides peace of mind and potential insurance benefits. As urban mobility continues to evolve, innovative solutions like Fleeto’s will play a crucial role in securing valuable assets and enhancing the overall e-bike experience.

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